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Tough one to imagine isn’t it?
It seems to hear colostomy and fashion would first trigger an oxymoron thought.  However once you get this whole thing down pat you can resume your social life once again and the pouch should not interfere.  Your independence gained on being able to empty and change the pouch will heighten your security of the pouch and raise your confidence level on getting out and about.  And big part of out and about is how you look and comfortable you feel.

Even though you think the pouch is extremely noticeably, nobody else will.  You see the bag in the mirror because you are looking for it.  If you feel your pouch is too bulky, talk with your nurse specialist about other pouch systems that are available and may work out better for you. 

To achieve that comfortable feel and look great here are some suggestions to consider when dressing and shopping:

  • Always empty your bag when it is 1/4- 1/3 full to keep the bulge down.
    You don’t need special clothing, even tight or snug clothes will cause no harm to the stoma.
  • Wear snug underwear and place your pouch inside of your underwear will help to hide it more.
  • Consider a pouch cover there are such a variety available now in different colors and fabrics.
  • Wear looser fitting swim suits in darker colors and prints, the pouch will show less.  There is also a line of
    ostomy swim suits you could consider.   Men, you have it made with baggy swim trunks!
  • Consider an ostomy belt to help conceal your stoma and pouch http://www.ostomysolutions.com/
  • If you are concerned about any odors when you empty the pouch, there are some great pouch deodorants available. 
    If you smell anything else at any other time check your pouch immediately for any leaks to avoid future disaster.
  • Experiment, Experiment, Experiment, try on all kinds of styles.  Every body is different and all stomas are located in
    various spots, so it could take a few different times out to find what makes you feel good and look great.
  • Tucking in could still be an option, if a tight waistband or belt hit the stoma area, consider a lower or higher waist pant or skirt.
  • Take a close and honest friend or family member with you.  Have them give their sincere opinion of what looks best,
    you may think you see a huge bulge, they may see nothing.
  • Nothing is off-limits.  Go for it let your personality still shine through your clothes.

If the thought of shopping is stressing you out, make a great day of it.  Start out with a light meal, and a nice walk to help lessen your anxiety.  Have fun with it and find some humor in it.  You will successfully find the best clothing for you with a clearer, calmer mind.  You have the choice here, do you control the stoma and pouch or are you going to let them control you.

I pick the latter and will love my jeans forever.

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