Is Diverticulitis Hereditary
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The jury stills seems to be out on the inheritedness of diverticulitis. The majority of professionals feel that it is not necessarily hereditary, but that diverticula are acquired from lifestyle factors such as consuming a diet high in fat and low in fiber diet and constipation. Bottom line - eating unhealthy meals on a daily basis that consist of quick, easy, highly processed foods. When we feed our bodies these types of highly processed foods we are robbing our systems of the high fibers needed to keep the bowels healthy and moving through the colon with ease.

Studies have concluded that by the time we hit 60 over ½ of Americans will have diverticulosis. And many of those cases won’t even be discovered until a routine colonoscopy is performed. Once the body gets these little diverticulum pockets there is no turning back, they will not go away, but with the proper diet and exercise plan in place you can keep them under control and avoid the risk of a diverticulitis attack and the complications of infection that go along with it.

So, in a nutshel,l it has not been proven that diverticulosis is hereditary, but bad lifestyle habits including diet and exercise can be passed down from generation to generation.


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