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As important as it is to have a special relationship with our spouses, family, and friends we forget the value of the relationship we need to have with ourselves.  How important it is to know ourselves mentally and physically.  How important to understand that our mental state can affect our physical state and our physical state can affect our mental state.  In our crazy hectic lives we do tend to put ourselves last, and when we do that our minds and bodies are the first to be affected.  The following journal pages are so important to your health.  When faced with diverticulosis and the ever impending possibility of a diverticulitis attack it is imperative to know what is going on with your body and mind prior and during the attacks.  These daily journals are quick and easy to do; only a few minutes a day could help you figure out the triggers of your attacks.  To help you be able to understand that not only the lack of a good diet and exercise program could bring on a diverticulitis attack, but so can stress.

Journal your daily food intake, beverage intake, exercises, mental stress levels, etc…. and when an attack occurs go over this journal with your doctor to find the main culprits so you can make the adjustments in your lifestyle.

When you are keeping this daily journal we suggest you print off the sheets and keep them in a 3 ring binder or a folder.  As you journal daily keep up with the 4  basic food groups and to try to follow a good daily eating routine that includes many high fiber foods, by visually seeing what you are eating it will help to remind you what you are missing, or eating too much of.  Try to keep up as accurate as possible so you can share this with your doctor if an attack occurs. 

As for the exercise, in a perfect world we would all be at a gym at least 4 -5 times a week with a personal trainer.   So If that doesn’t fit in your schedule keep in mind that even simple exercises keep the body going in fluid motion so don’t forget that even walking the mall can count.  Record any kind of exercise you do, and if it’s not enough then try to add in just a short walk brisk walk everyday or every other day  if you can (your kids, dogs, and stress level may appreciate the extra 10 minute break too) .

Stress can be the beast that takes us down, physically and emotionally.  Recording anything that adds stress in your life can help you see in black and white what extra worry and anxiety can do.  If life is too crazy find time to meditate, decompress, or even take that 10 minute walk with or without kids or dogs depending on if that is the extra stress.

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