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Many diverticulitis sufferers prefer to assist their western medicine prescriptions and help to heal themselves with alternative herbal remedies.  Upon a bit of research we have come across an amazing recommended mix of herbs, minerals, vitamin, and food supplements to help control the condition and possibly assist in alleviating a mild attack.  The list may seem a bit overwhelming, however check the supplements you are already taking and a few of these may be already in there.


 DOSAGE (Suggested)



Follow label directions,
take on empty stomach.

Bowel flora replacement, 
assisting in absorption 
properties and elimination.

     American Biologics

Follow label directions.

Assist in replacing flora in 
the small intestines and
Vitamin B complex

100 mg 3 times daily

Necessary for all enzyme 
systems in the body and
assists in digestion
  flax seeds,
  oat bran

Follow label directions.  
Best taken 1 hour before
meals with 8 - 12 oz of 
water. Should be taken
separately from other 
medications and supplements.

Helps to reduce the risk of 
constipation, in turn lowering 
the risk of feces getting into diverticulum pockets which
could result in diverticulitis 

Proteolytic Enzymes

Follow label directions
and take between meals.

Assist in digestion and  reduces inflammation 
in the colon.
Multienzyme Complex

Follow label directions,
take with meals.

Necessary to break down 
proteins.  Utilize a formula
high in pancreatin.
   American Biologics
Follow label directions. 

Vital antibacterial, antifungal, 
and antiviral agent.
Licorice Supplement
   Bio Rizin -
     American Biologics 
Follow label directions.

Helps relieve allergy 
symptoms and improves
glandular function. 
Garlic (Kyolic)
   utilize a yeast free
2 capsules 3 times 
daily with meals.

Assists in digestion and 
destroys unwanted "bad"
parasites and bacteria. 
Essential Fatty Acids
   flaxseed oil,
   salmon oil,
   primrose oil

Follow label directions.

Aids in protecting the cells
that line the walls of the colon,
and improves the lymphatic

Vitamin K

100 mcg daily.

Vitamin K deficiency has 
been linked to a variety 
of intestinal disorders.

500 mg twice daily with 
water or juice - no milk-
on an empty stomach.

A primary source of fuel for 
enterocytes (cells lining the inside 
of the small intestine).

Free Form Amino Acid Complex 

Follow label directions,
on an empty stomach 30
minutes prior to a meal.
Supplies the protein needed 
for the repair and healing 
of tissue.
Aloe Vera         

1/2 cups 3 times daily.  
Can be mixed with herbal

Promotes healing in the 
inflamed tissues and helps 
to keep constipation down.

Vitamin A

Up to 25,000 IU daily.
Pregnant women do not exceed 10,000 IU.

Heals and protects the 
colon lining.

Vitamin C

3,000 - 8,000 mg daily, 
split up through out 
the day.
Boost immunity and helps 
reduce inflammation.

Vitamin E

Up to 800 IU daily.

This little pill is an amazing 
antioxidant that helps in 
protecting the mucous 


Once your bowels are healthy and well rested, following these simple recommendations daily will help to keep the diverticulosis under control:

  • Water, water, and water at least 8 – 10 glasses daily
  • 30 – 35 grams of fiber each day (can be naturally supplemented)
  • Keep your diet higher in proteins (from vegetable and fish sources) and lower carbohydrates
  • Plenty of green leafy vegetables (great source of vitamin K)
  • Garlic for detoxifying and its wonderful healing properties
  • Avoid laxatives; they tend to irritate the colon wall

Pro active is the key to your healing, stay in strong communication with your healthcare advisor and be sure to inform them of any additional supplements you may plan to take so as not to interfere with their diagnosis and prescriptions for your condition.


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