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We all have living bacteria in our stomachs, there are occasionally a few that could make you sick, but on the upside there are healthy bacteria that is beneficial.

This healthy good bacteria assist in:

  • keeping the bad bacteria and bad yeast from growing in our intestinal tract
  • making vitamin K
  • keeping the immune system functioning properly

Generally we have an ample amount of good bacteria in our systems, but between stress, antibiotics, and bad diets we can create a bacterial imbalance called dysbiosis that will cause an overgrowth of the bad bacteria and yeast.  Once this overgrowth begins it can cause yeast infections, rheumatoid arthritis, and irritable bowel syndrome.  Unfortunately the antibiotics that we take to conquer an infection will also kill the healthy bacteria in our digestive systems.

Enter prebiotics and probiotics. 
These two natural super heroes help to restore the balance of bacteria in our digestive tracts.

Probiotics are the helpful bacteria that are found in a variety of foods that have common strains of the Lactobacillis and Bifidobacterium families of bacteria,these are generally found in certain yogurts and other cultured dairy products,.  Read the labels carefully for not all cultured dairy products have probiotics.  When we eat probiotics we are adding good bacteria to our intestinal tract.

Prebiotics are non digestible foods that remain in our stomachs and help assist the good bacteria in growing and thriving.   Some of the best sources of prebiotics are whole grains, bananas, honey, garlic, onions, artichokes, leeks, and a variety of fortified beverages and foods.

When probiotic bacteria is taken together with prebiotics that sustain their growth are called “synbiotics.”  Working together to more efficiently promote the probiotics’ benefits.

A daily consumption of foods that contain both probiotics and prebiotics is highly beneficial for the balance of our body’s microflora and improvement of the functions of the digestive system.  If you can’t get the extra that your need there is a variety of probiotic and prebiotic supplements available, the benefits will vary so check the labels and talk to your health food store advisors for the appropriate supplements for you.

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