Who is at risk for diverticulosis
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Pretty much anyone who walks the earth and eats is at risk at some point of life of getting diverticulosis.  

However there are a variety of factors that will determine at what point in life it may occur.  For the many that already have diverticulosis it is good to remember that it is just a condition that can remain under control and will become nothing more.  For the ones that choose not to follow a high fiber diet along with a simple exercise plan need to be aware that those little diverticulum pouches can and will become infected and inflamed resulting in a diverticulitis attack that could be dangerous. 

The following four concerns could possibly be contributors to acquiring diverticulosis.

Stress: This little 6 letter word is the king of body breakdown in so many ways.

Lack of Fiber:  In today’s western society’s diets we tend to as a whole eat bad.  Processed foods, refined foods, low fiber junk, etc…. leave our bodies begging for a healthy diet, beginning with an emphasis on higher fiber foods.  We need to concentrate a bit more on fresh whole foods, read labels and help our younger generations understand the importance of a well balanced diet now, to help them avoid a whole handful of health issues later.

Age:  Diverticulosis tends to affect people over 40; however there are cases of younger people having the condition.  It is believed to be affecting the over 40 crowd a bit more due to the fact that as we age the elasticity and strength of the bowel wall lessens, leaving the colon walls more susceptible to diverticulum pouches.

Lack Of or No Exercise:  Get up off the couch; go for a great walk, run, or bike ride.  Hit the gym, not only will your body benefit from it, but your mind and spirit will also.

The great news is that statistically a high majority of people who have diverticulosis do keep it under control and never have to deal with an attack of any kind.  Be diligent and you can be one of them.

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